iPSC Neuronal Applications Workshop 2015

We thank our attendees, presenter and cooperation partners for the contribution to the overwhelming success of this workshop being held at the Axiogenesis headquarters in Cologne in April 15th – 17th 2015.

Showcasted live demonstrations:

ACEA Biosciences Inc.: xCELLigence RTCA
Axiogenesis AG: Manual Patch Clamp
Essen Bioscience Inc.: IncuCyte ZOOM®
Hamamatsu Photonics K.K.: FDSS 7000 EX
Multi Channel Systems GmbH: Multi Electrode Array
Nanion Technologies GmbH: Patchliner
Nanion Technologies GmbH / Axion BioSystems Inc.: Maestro MEA

Please download available presentations and poster by clicking on the according title within the agenda and contact Axiogenesis AG. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and our cooperation partners to receive information on specific assays.

Final Agenda:

Day one: Wednesday the 15th of April

12:00 pm

Arrival at Axiogenesis Headquarter / Coffee & Registration

12:40 pm


13:00 pm

Dr. Greg Luerman, Axiogenesis AG
Axiogenesis Neuronal Products: An Overview” 

13:35 pm 

Dr. Urs Thomet, Anaxon AG
„GABAA Receptor Pharmacology of Neurons Differentiated From Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells“ 

14:00 pm 

Dr. Nadine Becker, Nanion Technologies GmbH
„Automated Patch Clamping of Neurons: Challenges and Chances“

14:30 pm

Coffee break

15:30 pm

Dr. Paolo Cesare, NMI Institute at the University of Tübingen
„Combining MEA and Microfluidics: AN Enhanced Interface for Neuro-Assays“

16:00 pm 

Dr. Benjamin Bader, Neuroproof GmbH
„Functional Phenotypic Screening for novel Parkinson's Drugs using Human iPSC-Derived Dopaminergic Neurons Grown on Micro-Electrode Arrays“

16:30 pm 

Dr. Elena Dragicevic, Nanion Technologies GmbH
„Applications-driven Innovation: Advancements in Neuronal Disease Models using the Maestro MEA Platform”

17:00 pm

Shuttle to Hotels

19:00 pm

Group Dinner Restaurant „Brauerei zur Malzmühle“
Day two, Thursday the 16th of April

9:00 am

Arrival at Axiogenesis Headquarter

9:10 am

Dr. Dietmar Hess, NMI-TT GmbH 
„Neuro Safe: A Human Integrated in Vitro Neurotoxicity Safety Platform using HIPSC-Derived Neurons (Peri.4U Neurons)”

9:40 am

Dr. Alexander Kunz, Merck Serono Research Darmstadt, Non-Clinical Safety
„Development of a Neurite Outgrowth (Inhibition) Assay using IPSC-Derived Neurons (Peri.4U)”

10:10 am

Dr. Susana Alcantara, Essen Bioscience Inc.
„Neurotrack and IncuCyte ZOOM; Quantifying Neurite Dynamics in Human IPSC Derived Neurons using Long Term Live Cell Kinetic Imaging“

10:40 am

Coffee break/Poster

11:00 am

Dr. Silke Schwengberg, ACEA Bioscience Inc.
„The XCELLigence RTCA Technology as a Tool for Measuring Neural Cell Activity“

11:30 am

Dr. Karlijn Wilschut, Mimetas Inc.
„High Throughput Organ-On-A-Chip Models for Predictive Toxicology and Efficacy Testing”

12:00 am


13:00 pm 

Demo 1/2:
PatchLiner (Nanion) & Multi Electrode Array (Multi Channel Systems)

14:30 pm

Demo 3/4:
IncuCyte (Essen Bioscience) & Multi Electrode Array Peri.4U (AXION)

16:00 pm 

Demo 5/6:
XCELLigence (ACEA) & Manual Patch Clamp

17:30 pm

Free networking


Day three: Friday the 17th of April 
9:00 am Arrival at Axiogenesis Headquarter / Coffee 

9:15 am

Interactive Round Table Discussion

Table 1: „Instrumentation & Analysis Software: Does the new Aera od IPSC-Derived Cell Assays calls for New Innovations?”

Table 2: „Designing more Physiologically Relevant Cellular Assays for Drug Development”

Table 3: „Disease Modelling using Genome-Edited & Pationt-Specific Human IPSC-Derived Cells: Chances and Limitations”

10:15 am Coffee Break/Poster

10:45 am Prof. Dr. Wiesner, Center for Physiology and Pathophysiology, Institute of Vegetative Physiology, University of Köln
„Dopamine Metabolism drives Deletions od Mitochondrial DNA, probably leading to Dopaminergic Neuron Death during Aging and Parkinsins Disease”

11:30 am Demo 7/8:
FDSS 7000 EX (Hamamatsu) & Multi Electrode Array Dopa.4U (AXION)

13:00 pm Departure



001 Denise Franz, Poregenic:
“Electrophysiological Characterization of Dopa.4U Human IPS Cell-Derived Dopaminergic Neurons”

002 Karlijn Wilschut, Mimetas:
“High-Throughput Microfluidic Platform 3D Epithelial Microenvironment Modelling”

003 Sunao Hisada, Hamamatsu:
“Measurements of CA+ Response in Human IPSC-Derived Peripheral Neurons by Electric Field Stimulation in FDSS/µCELL”

004 Ursel Collienne, University of Köln:
“Cellular Mechanisms of Firing Patterns in Synaptically Isolated, Midbrain Dopaminergic Neurons”


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