Applications Workshop 2016


Axiogenesis Applications Workshop 2016






Final Agenda:

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Wednesday, September 7

12:00 pm

Arrival at Axiogenesis Headquarter / LUNCH

01:05 pm

Felix von Haniel
Welcome/ Overview"

01:25 pm

Dr. Stefan Mann (Cytocentrics / Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute)
“SIDS and modulation of INaL by hypoxia, investigated in iPSC derived cardiomyocytes”

01:50 pm 

Dr. Marc Rogers (Metrion)
Validating in vitro cardiac ion channel assays and screening platforms with human iPS cell-derived cardiomyocytes for improved prediction of clinical pro-arrhythmia risk

02:20 pm 

Dr. Benjamin Bader (Neuroproof) 
“Functional electrophysiological phenotyping of human iPSC-derived neurons grown on MEAs – a novel approach for in vitro disease modeling of neurodegenerative diseases”

02:40 pm

Coffee break

03:30 pm

Live Demonstrations


07:00 pm


Thursday, September 8

08:45 am

Arrival at Axiogenesis Headquarter

09:05 am

Dr. Dietmar Hess (Axiogenesis)
Neural news: insights into Axiogenesis’ expanded neural product portfolio

09:30 am

Dr. Lia Scarabottolo (Axxam)
Use of iPSC-derived cells in HTS. Still a dream or reality?

09:55 am

Dr. Hua Rong Lu (Janssen Pharmacauticals)
Human stem cell research for drug-induced cardiac and neuronal safety / toxicities: Global Safety Pharmacology’s ongoing strategy

10:20 am

Coffee Break

10:50 am

Dr. Greg Luerman (Axiogenesis)
“Case Studies in Cardiac Safety / Toxicity Assessment Using Human iPSC-Derived Cell Systems”

11:15 am

Dr. Richard Printemps (Physiostim)
Human induced pluripotent stem cells derived Cor.4U® ventricular cardiomyocytes (hiPSC-CM) as a predictive tool for preclinical safety assessment

11:40 am 

Dr. Elena Dragicevic (Nanion Technologies)
Electrophysiology in iPSC-derived neurons and cardiomyocytes: Microelectrode Array (MEA), optogenetics and automapted patch clamp approaches

12:00 pm

Lunch Break

01:00 pm 

Heribert Bohlen (Axiogenesis)
KEYNOTE: “From vision to reality: ipsc-derived cells in drug development”

01:25 pm

Dr. Paul Walker (Cyprotex)
Confocal high content screening of cardiac microtissues for the improved prediction of drug induced structural cardiotoxicity

01:50 pm

Dr. Denise Franz (University of Rostock) 
“Electrophysiological characterization of human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived dopaminergic neurons using manual and automated patch clamp systems ”

02:15 pm

Dr. Ian Hayes (Luxcel Biosciences Ltd.)
Assessing the impact of drug treatment on cardiomyocyte function through combined analysis of beating, metabolic flux and cellular oxygenation

02:40 pm

Coffee Break

03:30 pm

Live Demonstrations


04:45 pm

Shuttle Bus to Hotel


Friday, September 9
08:45 am Arrival at Axiogenesis Headquarter 

09:05 am

Dr. Vincent Milleret (Ectica Technologies) 
iPSC-derived neural cultures in 3DProSeed hydrogel well plates

09:25 am

Dr. Francesco Pasqualini (Wyss Translational Center, University and ETH Zurich) 
“Quality assurance systems in cell-based drug discovery and regenerative medicine"

09:50 am

Dr. Stephane Bedut (Servier) 
Human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes voltage and calcium signal recording with the Hamamatsu FDSS for drugs and cell lines characterization

10:10 am Coffee Break

10:40 am

Live Demonstrations

12:00 am




Wet Lab Demos:

Cytotox / Mitotox Assay

Multi Electrode Array



HTS Calcium / Voltage Sensitive Dyes

Cardiac Cell Contractile Force Measurement


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