Cardio.Force: Cardiac contractile force assay

Cell Type Cor.4U human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes or co-cultures with FibroCor.4U human iPSC-derived cardiac fibroblasts
Cell Source Human iPSC of 26 y/o Caucasian female
Service type     Biomechanical analysis
Delivery A study protocol will be sent to initiate the study
Timeline Draft report will be sent within 7 weeks after receipt of test compounds
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  • True force measurement in human iPSC derived cardiomyocytes using proprietary Cor.4CE® assay technology
  • Highly precise, standardized and repeatable test system
  • Sensitive and predictive for cardiac safety pharmacology
  • Suitable for scale-up given low compound volumes, quick turnaround

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Beating Cor.4U® in Cor.4CE® contractile force assay Cor.4U® are plated on highly flexible PDMS membranes for assessment of mechanobiological properties. Video shows 24-channel prototype of system.



Technology overview 

The CardioForce cardiac cell contractile force assay is based on the proprietary Cor.4CE® system developed by Axiogenesis, a non-invasive in vitro assay to measure true contractility of cardiomyocyte monolayers or co-cultures of cardiomyocytes with cardiac fibroblasts. Cor.4U® human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes reveal mechanical properties typical for human cardiac myocytes (Goßmann et al, 2016). The Cor.4CE® system allows for repeatable contractility measurements with unprecedented accuracy under physiological mechanical boundary conditions. In contrast to surrogate technologies the Cor.4CE® system shows the expected physiological force-frequency-relationships for adrenergic stimulation.

The combination of Cor.4U with the Cor.4CE® system is the first in vitro assay setup to measure true contractile force of iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes in a system compatible with medium throughput. The system provides an ideal tool to assess pharmacological, safety pharmacological and toxicological effects of drug candidates on human cardiomyocytes.

example Beat Cor4CEExample beat with assessed parameters



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Measurement StageCor.4CE measurement stage. The Cor.4CE device in the picture is able to measure the cell contractile force of 8 wells simultanously. 



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